Trump and propaganda

Jan 4, 2016 Previous blog-posts have quoted terrorists who claim that their main objective is not physical violence, but propaganda. They are grateful that global mass media do most of that work for them.  Although media understandably record terrorist deeds and propaganda for them, they do so excessively. Terrorists trick media indo doing most of their propaganda, knowing the media realize how profitable such repetition of terrorist indoctrination is for the media themselves.


A whole new game-change has occurred in the person of Donald Trump. He, more than terrorists, has become the personification of propaganda and self-deception.  Independent groups like estimate that over 80% of Trumps claims are deceptions which he uses to bully and attack those who do not agree with him.  Examples of his lies and bluster abound: claiming to converse with Putin, to see Muslims who celebrated the destruction of 9/11 as it happened, or to build a future wall between the U.S. and Mexico.


Trump parallels Hitler and his minister of propaganda, Josef Goebbels, not only by his many lies, but by his mode and tone. Hitler hypnotized through his style of speech.  Screams hypnotized German and some of Europe’s stellar intellectuals.  Trump’s mode and tone deafens critical thinking by his incessant attacks of anyone who disagrees with. He reaches not only those easily stirred by his style but intellectuals who are moved by the same emotions as the rest of us.


As Hillary Clinton has noted, the most dangerous part of Trump’s style is his belligerent denial that Muslims themselves can provide crucial help in showing how wrong Trump is when he denies the immense help they could provide in demonstrating how Isis/Isil/ represent only the tiniest fraction of Muslims who disagree with them.


Trump has indeed become the very personification of the indoctrination, strategic propaganda, and self-deception which impede critical thought and feeling. He is a danger not only for the presidential race but for all issues which required non-hypnotized thinking



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