Has Stephen Hawking disproved intelligent design?

Stephen Hawking, in his best seller, A Brief History of Time,
concluded too hastily that the universe emerged from nothingness entirely and randomly by itself, without any force of intelligent design. This assertion can be neither proved nor disproved by logic in itself.
Intertwined with chaos in the universe, design does seem to be present, for example, in the electrical and magnetic grids of planet earth which protect it from the sun’s dangerous bursts of magnetic and radiating forces. A second example is the emergence of all global ocean currents from Anarctica, which in turn connect
with atmospherics events, lightning, and the presence of plankton and other evolving life-forms from the sea and on to land.
Although these events do not demonstrate the existence of
intelligent design or divinity, they point in that direction. I will explore in a subsequent blog-post whether any of these events could be self-evident in some other way.

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