Side-effects of indoctrination

Indoctrination not only impedes autonomous thinking as an immediate result, but it generates side-effects in the ongoing future. If faith in God, for example, is indoctrinated rather than generated from inside us, it is less valuable and authentic. It is not we who believe, as much as some source outside us which controls and even robotizes our thinking.
The same made be applied to political, economic, or even scientific thinking. Take the Big Bang, which is proposed by most astrophysicists, incredible as it seems that the whole cosmos could expand from a “singularity,” smaller than an atom. We can gulp down this enormous premise on their authority, outside-in.
Or we can assent to it at least in some intelligent measure by thinking for ourselves. The former choice causes our thinking to decay into increasing passivity. But thinking for ourselves in the present expands into a whole new adventure of actively critical thought in the future. To seek information from specialists is critically, though variably necessary. However, it is counterproductive and overdone, the more we remove ourselves from the process.

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