Propaganda’s secret: “confuse them with facts”

Who is lying, Donald Trump, James Comey, or perhaps another conglomerate of sources: news analysts and the stations, sponsors, or lawyers who support them? The latter groups, whether they know it or not, succumb to fake news by repeating it too often, with unending complexity, and persistence which they agree may lasts months or years.
By focusing relentlessly on details they succumb to repetition, complexity, and insolubility amid unending criss-crossing views. The loss extends far more broadly than finding the truth in this narrative. Focus on the Trump and Comey story crowds out due attention to other grave issues: war, violence, abuse, discrimination, misuse of resources, global warming, failure to prepare for solar flares, asteroids, overpopulation, hunger, malnutrition, death by starvation (esp. among children), etc., etc. “Confusing one issue with facts” gravely impacts countless other issues. Cutting out the focus on one issue is a job for Occam’s Razor, which I covered in a previous blog-post.

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  1. Laura Taylor June 9, 2017 at 9:48 pm #

    The media, especially, have taken recent political drama and saturated their broadcasts with constant regurgitated statements, giving us nothing more than solely opinionated remarks from a power-hungry and egotistical leader.

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