Problems with Intelligent Design

Myths may not be proven by logic alone. If they are true they may emerge from some sense of trans-rational belief, a sense of intelligent designs which are interwoven with seemingly unintelligent designs, like those which occur in galactic collisions or among miniscule life forms which devour one another.

A most challenging problem with intelligent design may be what film-script writer Woody Allen has described in the phrase: “all life is a cafeteria.” Many species devour others, within their own and among other species, in variously painful manners. These painful events do not seem intelligently designed. Future analyses may confirm that the source of intelligent design could not find any less painful way for life to emerge or continue. But presently, intelligent design seems problematic. Nevertheless, since the alternative idea of emergence from random nothingness is not much fun to think about, proponents of intelligent design hope that they will win by confirming that, however small, dim, and unintelligent earth seems to appear in this vast cosmos, planet earth is supremely designed, luminous, and significant.

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