Mass Suggestion, How?

If you scan faces at a political convention, you will see some which don’t look very with-it; and others who seem very intelligent and alert.  Yet many, if not most, variously succumb to mass suggestion. Why? Perhaps because intellectuals can be controlled, as much as any of us, by unexamined assumptions, by fear, and by […]

Indoctrination, Self-Deception, and Lies

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg–indoctrination or self-deception? Are either ever justified as fair advocacy? Or are they always lies and unfair propagandas? Are they limited to words? Or are they also conveyed through narratives, films, stories, and pictures? Do they sometimes infect views which are cultural, political, religious, or economical–like trickle-down economics? […]

Invitation by blog-post to the website now merged with it

Welcome visitors. (updated September 2011) THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG is to provide a fresh context to some of the many social and ethical issues which divide us. A fresh perspective appears by asking this key question: what distinguishes propaganda, self-deception, and ideology from critical thought–in religions, new and old, politics, economics, etc?  This blog […]