Complexity of the universe, why?

August 23, 2014. Why has the universe/multi-verse emerged or been created with such complexity? Was there no alternative? Does the complexity of the universe point to intelligence or random lack of it? Would a genuinely intelligent source create a universe so infinitely and bizarrely complex? Complications are innumerable; to name a few: singularities, black holes […]

Terrorists admit propaganda is a goal

August 1, 2014 Terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East openly proclaim that not only physical violence but propaganda itself is one of their main goals. The effects of physical violence are not merely physical. They also function as threats whose predominant and long-range effects are predominately psychological and function as long-range indoctrination […]

Has Stephen Hawking disproved intelligent design?

Stephen Hawking, in his best seller, A Brief History of Time, concluded too hastily that the universe emerged from nothingness entirely and randomly by itself, without any force of intelligent design. This assertion can be neither proved nor disproved by logic in itself. Intertwined with chaos in the universe, design does seem to be present, […]

Robotic Thinking

In the celebrated film Space Odyssey 2001 the spaceship and its crew symbolize humanity. The ship’s computer, Hal, steals more from them than their navigation and destiny. He robs them of their consciousness. To expand this myth, Hal stands for all forces, like indoctrination, propaganda, and self-deception, which rob human beings of their ability to […]

Economic and Political Myths

While myths are often associated with some religious beliefs or narratives, like the creation of the universe in seven days, they also operate in other subjects like politics, story-telling, or economics. An example of an economic myth is “trickle-down economics.” Whatever wealth accrues to corporate or individual billionaires is said to overflow into the hands […]