Speaking of fake news

A prime example of fake news is that supply-side economics (alias trickle-down economics) is said to trickle down to everyone in equal or comparable measures.  Facts contradict this claim, of course.  Perhaps trickle-down works in some pockets of the globe but obviously not everywhere.  Esp. when 8 persons are alleged (in today’s news) to own […]

Dark energy, is it God?

When traditional religious beliefs reject the notion of pantheism (belief that God is the same as the universe), they do not cast off the notion of divine omnipresence.  They claim that deity is everywhere and BEYOND.  If religious traditions like Christianity should propose that God is incarnate in Jesus or other figures, it is not pantheism, […]

90% or more

Ninety percent or more of what we hear or view on the internet, tv, radio, or news shows consists of opinion rather than solid comments based on fact.  This means that we spend most of our time as recipients of speculation or guesswork by others.  These rivers of speculation flow toward the ultimate goal of […]

elections by propaganda

Elections seemingly based on factual agenda can be replaced by propaganda.  Say “vote for me” often enough and some people will surrender their critical thinking.  This surrender may occur at various levels and shades of intensity.  Sometime we surrender control of our thought without realizing it, in response to simple phrases like sieg heil, without […]