Neil DeGrasse Tyson

In his latest publication about astrophysics (for people in a hurry), Tyson’s work seems to confirm that our universe is spherical, 13.7 billion light years old, and possibly one of many in a multiverse. In my opinion the complexities brought on by the supposed existence of a multiverse cause far more problems than are soluble and collide directly with Occam’s Razor (which presumes that the most correct solutions are usually the most simple ones).

Tyson also seems to side with the many astrophysicists who deny the existence of God. It is not clear whether his conception of God resembles a)the human grandfather portrayed by Michaelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel or b)religious and traditional claims that Deity is infinitely beyond any human imagination or conception.

Like other astrophysicists Tyson fails to bring up the issue of design. No matter how much chaos exists in the universe as we know it, design is present everywhere. Does it simply pop in and pop-out of existence? If so, from where? and why?
A parallel consideration is the multiplicity of “Goldilocks” occurrences. We learn from the CERN collider’s trip back through layers of time-past that for the first trillionth and millionth, etc. of a second,– within quarks, electrons, and magnetic charges things had to be not too hot, not too cold, but “just right” to develop into mass and energy. For our planet to exist, the sun’s temperature and magnetic field had to be “just right.” This planet’s distance from the sun and its own magnetic field had to be “just right.” Ditto ocean currents and magnetic fields beginning near Antarctica.
Also, among other concurrences, the impact of Jupiter on our planet had to be, guess what, “just right.”

We need specialists to gather all the “just right” events necessary for our earth’s existence. Add them all together and we may conclude that there are too many coincidences to be explained by randomness.

On the other hand, every human being, among other animals, results from the apparently random combination of a couple thousand ova, at any given time, with millions of sperm. Each person’s chances of conception from their parents’ ova and sperm run into the millions or more; multiplied by conceptions of their parents, grandparents, and ancestors back in time. Simply put, each person’s existence runs into the gazillions and seems plausibly random.

Random or not so random? Can anyone ever know, even specialists? Perhaps our brains are not equipped to handle such questions, let alone questions about Deity. For some persons faith may supply their answer. They claim that although faith (Muslim or other) does not always produce correct solutions, sometimes it suffices–as when we believe we love our spouses, children, relatives, friends,and other human beings; or when many of us (not all of us) “take” these rights to be self-evident: the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But how do we know or infer correctly in our hearts? Perhaps partly in combo with our deeds and the hearts and deeds of others? Perhaps critical thought includes, as Confucius taught, thinking from the heart. Just as hitting a homerun or a perfect golf shot is not done by logic alone. What do you think?

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