elections by propaganda

Elections seemingly based on factual agenda can be replaced by propaganda.  Say “vote for me” often enough and some people will surrender their critical thinking.  This surrender may occur at various levels and shades of intensity.  Sometime we surrender control of our thought without realizing it, in response to simple phrases like sieg heil, without further bases or facts to support our thinking.  Propaganda and indoctrination can be occur in political elections, economic assumptions like supply-side economics, or religious proclamations. None of us are immune, including intellectuals, because we are all subject to the same or similar emotions.

Factual claims can easily pose as facts.  In economics,  supply side can be disguised as trickle-down.  But trickle down for whom?  In politics, care for some of the people all of the time can be mistaken for a more desirable care for all the people all the time.  In religions, heaven,  which Christian and other scriptures say is beyond human comprehension, can be mistakenly identified with an imperial court, often ruled by a male; messengers (angels) can be described as superior beings held on high;  and either myths or beliefs about a human son of God or the Spirit within God can be confused with a tri-person Deity..   Whichever versions are correct, they need to be  scrutinized  by critical thought; not  swallowed by mere indoctrination.



  1. Laura Taylor December 6, 2016 at 6:51 pm #

    Many are too quick to ‘follow the crowd’ when voting. Instead of taking the time to think for themselves, they trust others judgement without really knowing the facts.

  2. Laura Taylor December 7, 2016 at 9:37 pm #

    It is so important to not listen only to your peers when considering casting your vote, but to actually research the candidates and legislation on every side.

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