Dark energy, is it God?

When traditional religious beliefs reject the notion of pantheism (belief that God is the same as the universe), they do not cast off the notion of divine omnipresence.  They claim that deity is everywhere and BEYOND.  If religious traditions like Christianity should propose that God is incarnate in Jesus or other figures, it is not pantheism, they say, but incarnation.  Some refer to human beings as temples of God’s holy spirit.  Analogously, they could argue that dark energy is God incarnated throughout the universe/multiverse.

From a scientific perspective dark energy comprises 68% of the universe, dark or invisible matter 27% and visible (so-called baryonic matter) 5% or less. Scientists refer to dark energy as a complete mystery from both cosmic and quantum viewpoints.  Speculations abound about what dark energy is, implying that it is as weird, spooky, or bizarre as Einstein found the quantum world to be.  Consequently, some like John Morris have wondered if dark energy might be God or God incarnated throughout the entire cosmos or perhaps an infinity of universes. What do you think, not imitating others, but thinking critically for yourself?





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