control terrorism

As stated here in previous posts, terrorists claim that their main goal is to propagandize. With the misplaced help of global media which spread their messages for them, they do this effectively. Some are propelled by a death wish; and appear as randomly as quantum particles appear in quantum field theory. Others go on to form a death cult.
Freud has written that the death wish is as powerful as eros or life-affirmation.
Perhaps the destructive impacts of both groups, death cults and random death-inflicters can be diminished by informing them and everyone of the prevalence (like cancer which metastasizes) of the death wish, the need to combat it, and the need to nourish life-affirmation. Muslims have cultivated life-affirmation in magnificent cultural construction of literature, science, and the arts. They should be encouraged to resume these positive leads now and in the future. As should we all.

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