The complexity of propaganda vs. Occam’s Razor

The ballooning complexity of news speculations about Donald Trump’s behavior towards the FBI and other intelligence committees can be contrasted with the century-old maxim called “Occam’s Razor” which alleges that the simplest explanations are more likely to approximate the full truth than complex formulations. This maxim has often proved true in physics, astrophysics, economic, religious and political advocacies, or even in criminal investigations. Sometimes it has steered us away from paths which lead to viral complexity and insolubility. Critics of string theory point to viral absurdities of a multi-verse to which string theory seems to lead.
May increased use of Occam’s Razor cut short the emerging multiverse of views about the hacking or other involvement of Russian, or unknown Trump partisans who, as Vladimir Putin is quick to remind us, may be traced to anywhere globally.
May Occam’s Razor cut short the impact of propaganda’s wicked maxim sometimes used unknowingly by news analysts: “confuse them with facts.”

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