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Terrorist and Other Propagandas

Terrorists proclaim that they wage current wars mainly by propaganda and indoctrination rather than by physical violence. They insist that propaganda and indoctrination, both strategic and tactical, are the major weapons through which they will win their battles to control the Middle East and beyond. Propaganda, and therefore the media, have become their conveyor belts. […]

Three differing and perhaps evolving approaches to life

Three-four differing and perhaps evolving approaches to life and spirituality: 1. Fundamentalist exclusivism: my belief or lack of belief, e.g. Christianity or agnosticism, is the only valid one. (Atheism is omitted here because it resembles belief more than lack of belief.) 2. Syncretistic lethargy: somehow everything is true, in spite of apparent contradictions. 3. a) […]


ISIS continues to find new methods of indoctrination, for example, withholding the truth for months (until Feb. 2015) about the killing of Kayla Mueller, an innocent aid worker whom they had held hostage; and then repackaging and transferring the responsibility for her death elsewhere. Complexity and repetition help indoctrinate all the more efficiently, the less […]