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Roderick Hindery, now retired, taught from 1968-1997 as a professor in social and comparative ethics in the Religious Studies Departments of Temple University, California State University at Northridge and Fullerton; also at Arizona State University.

His major publications include the seminal book, Comparative Ethics in Hindu and Buddhist Traditions, and many papers and essays about comparative religious ethics and social issues.

His latest book, Indoctrination and Self-Deception or Free and Critical Thought?, is published by Mellen Press.

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Has Stephen Hawking disproved intelligent design?

Stephen Hawking, in his best seller, A Brief History of Time, concluded too hastily that the universe emerged from nothingness entirely and randomly by itself, without any force of intelligent design. This assertion can be neither proved nor disproved by logic in itself. Intertwined with chaos in the universe, design does seem to be present, […]

Robotic Thinking

In the celebrated film Space Odyssey 2001 the spaceship and its crew symbolize humanity. The ship’s computer, Hal, steals more from them than their navigation and destiny. He robs them of their consciousness. To expand this myth, Hal stands for all forces, like indoctrination, propaganda, and self-deception, which rob human beings of their ability to […]

Economic and Political Myths

While myths are often associated with some religious beliefs or narratives, like the creation of the universe in seven days, they also operate in other subjects like politics, story-telling, or economics. An example of an economic myth is “trickle-down economics.” Whatever wealth accrues to corporate or individual billionaires is said to overflow into the hands […]

Story-telling Myths

Story-telling myths exist in fictional realms which point to ideals in real life.  The tale of Cinderella and the prince signals, for example, an ideal happiness wished for every loving couple.  Visits to earth by aliens from other planets express human longing to interact with other life-forms beyond earth’s lonely orbit. “Sherlockian” powers of acute […]

Planet Earth

A PHOTO OF PLANET EARTH was taken in 2013 from a Cassini satellite camera orbiting Saturn. It shows earth at a variable distance of about 746,000 miles from the orbit of Saturn. At first sight planet earth looks dimmer and smaller than a tiny star. Also, it looks like an insular and lonely speck in […]

Does the Universe Emerge from Nothingness or from Intelligent Design?

Does the universe or multi-verse emerge from randomness, nothingness, or intelligent design (ID)? Does complexity, for example that of DNA, point to ID or not? Although the majority of scientists seem to exclude the existence of ID from the data in their specific expertise, some leave open the possibility that ID exists from the perspective […]