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filters of critical thought

According to an ancient Chinese maxim, “Two-thirds of what we see emerges from behind the eyes” I borrowed this saying as I concluded my article “Comparative Ethics, Ideologies, and Critical Thought,” Roderick Hindery Journal of Religious Ethics 36.2 (June 2008), pp. 215-233. The article is accessible through the home page of my website, Propaganda and […]

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

In his latest publication about astrophysics (for people in a hurry), Tyson’s work seems to confirm that our universe is spherical, 13.7 billion light years old, and possibly one of many in a multiverse. In my opinion the complexities brought on by the supposed existence of a multiverse cause far more problems than are soluble […]

The complexity of propaganda vs. Occam’s Razor

The ballooning complexity of news speculations about Donald Trump’s behavior towards the FBI and other intelligence committees can be contrasted with the century-old maxim called “Occam’s Razor” which alleges that the simplest explanations are more likely to approximate the full truth than complex formulations. This maxim has often proved true in physics, astrophysics, economic, religious […]

Speaking of fake news

A prime example of fake news is that supply-side economics (alias trickle-down economics) is said to trickle down to everyone in equal or comparable measures.  Facts contradict this claim, of course.  Perhaps trickle-down works in some pockets of the globe but obviously not everywhere.  Esp. when 8 persons are alleged (in today’s news) to own […]

Dark energy, is it God?

When traditional religious beliefs reject the notion of pantheism (belief that God is the same as the universe), they do not cast off the notion of divine omnipresence.  They claim that deity is everywhere and BEYOND.  If religious traditions like Christianity should propose that God is incarnate in Jesus or other figures, it is not pantheism, […]