*How is dark energy, said to be  present in every particle of the universe, compatible with dark matter, black holes, and the Hubble expansion rate?

*How can the following two theories both be correct?  Or is only one correct? 1)The universe will expand endlessly; 2)the universe will end in one black hole and singularity which radiates itself out of existence?

*If the universe is only 13.7 billion years old, how can the Hubble scope envision a breadth of trillions of light years; and how can black holes act as entries into whole separate universes? Would such a hypothesis require speculation about multiple dimensions?  Are such not beyond   proof or disproof?

*Goldilocks theories” refer to how given elements have to be “just right” before a given element or event can exist.   For example, the distance between our sun and our planet has to be not too far and not too close for our planet to begin and continue existing. Like the fairy tale’s porridge, the distance has to be just right.  Ditto the magnetic fields of both earth and sun.

*Has anyone attempted to begin a list of things necessary for the following things to come into beings?

*Would the list include the following factors, plus others? Including:

1)matter and antimatter in a proportionate “just-right” emission from “a big bang” to allow enough matter available for the existence of one or more universes like ours?   2) can an initial quantum fluctuation require a minimum sufficient  for a nysingularity to pop into existence occur haphazardly? Or is some minimum quantum necessary? 3)ditto gaseous nebulae from which galaxies and stars are alleged to continuously emerge 4)would such emersions not affect the expansion rate of the universe? Or its size?  5)would the magnetic fields of any galaxy, star, or planet not require  some force sufficient enough to maintain their separate existence? 6)if black holes exist within every galaxy can they exist indefinitely at various sizes or would they not all eventually emerge into a singularity. 7)so called big bang radiation sound waves  said to be made from 300 million or so years after big bang: are they also said to retain that sound indefinitely? 8)if all black holes eventually collapse into one, would that singularity not re-emerge into another universe.?8)if the theory of multiverse brings too  many complexities to be viable, could there still not be an infinity of universes?  9)Does each quantum within atoms exist infinitely in reverse?  Can we divide each quantum indefinitely?  10)Are not some or all these allegations impossible to verify by anyone, incl. astro and quantum specialists/  Are our brains adequate to deal with such issues.  My answer:

*I”I think not” (to quote Descartes’ cogito, ergo sum) and I may fade away at any time.  Smile here. Time will be better spent helping others more directly, if health may allow.


  1. Laura Taylor March 15, 2018 at 2:37 pm #

    When I reflect on all of the factors (that we know of) which have enabled us to exist, I feel very appreciative of life.

    • Roderick Hindery August 2, 2018 at 9:35 pm #

      This is very true Laura. Thank you for your thoughtful reply! We appreciate you too, so very super duper (as Neil de Grass Tyson says) in our lives.

      • Derrick Hindery August 2, 2018 at 9:39 pm #

        Especially since you gave life to Laura and me!

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