Three differing and perhaps evolving approaches to life

Three-four differing and perhaps evolving approaches to life and spirituality: 1. Fundamentalist exclusivism: my belief or lack of belief, e.g. Christianity or agnosticism, is the only valid one. (Atheism is omitted here because it resembles belief more than lack of belief.) 2. Syncretistic lethargy: somehow everything is true, in spite of apparent contradictions. 3. a) […]


ISIS continues to find new methods of indoctrination, for example, withholding the truth for months (until Feb. 2015) about the killing of Kayla Mueller, an innocent aid worker whom they had held hostage; and then repackaging and transferring the responsibility for her death elsewhere. Complexity and repetition help indoctrinate all the more efficiently, the less […]

Terrorists use the Internet as a weapon of indoctrination

“Terrorists use the Internet as a weapon of indoctrination, manipulation, and confusion.” So stated French President Francois Hollande, Jan. 23, 2015 at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. He called on global financial leaders to dry up the sources which fund terrorism: drugs, arms, and indoctrination. Echoing this view, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry […]

Divorce, pros and cons

Divorce, pros and cons for the couple and for children. In previous centuries, and in some cultures today, marriage has been initiated not by the two partners but by their families. Love and choice were not factors, unless they developed later. What mattered was money and power or political allegiance, as in the first marriage […]