Terrorists use the Internet as a weapon of indoctrination

“Terrorists use the Internet as a weapon of indoctrination, manipulation, and confusion.” So stated French President Francois Hollande, Jan. 23, 2015 at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. He called on global financial leaders to dry up the sources which fund terrorism: drugs, arms, and indoctrination. Echoing this view, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry […]

Divorce, pros and cons

Divorce, pros and cons for the couple and for children. In previous centuries, and in some cultures today, marriage has been initiated not by the two partners but by their families. Love and choice were not factors, unless they developed later. What mattered was money and power or political allegiance, as in the first marriage […]

A Monastic Ethos?

The case has been made that the Benedictine monk who became Pope Gregory I (590-604) initiated a “monastic” ethos which would permeate Protestant and Christian churches alike, laity and “religious” as well as clergy. Some argue that this general ethos (not unlike ethos in Islam and other religious traditions) has resembled a negative renunciation of […]

Homicide and War

Homicide and War Ideological pacifists refuse violence in any situation. Other “pragmatic” pacifists justify war for limited reasons such as just cause, proportionate means, and war as a last resort, other measures being unavailable. These three conditions apply to most if not all ethical problems. The term “proportionate” of course is the tricky one. Moralists […]


EUTHANASIA. Euthanasia generally means taking lives, our own or those of other persons, to end suffering, when no other options are available. Although I’m presently not able to review my own notes or writings of others on this subject, my initial thought is to repeat that the subject can be approached either ideologically, as with […]

counter-propaganda as a last recourse

Propaganda blocks or diminishes autonomous thinking.  If no other recourse to defeat propaganda or indoctrination is available, can counter-propaganda be justified?  Would it work for a good end, but as an evil means? As long as other means are insufficient and as long as counter-propaganda is not used disproportionately, some think that counter-propaganda is a […]